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Rapid way to improve JavaScript’ing skills

Found some interesting tools and techniques that could improve our JavaScript’ing skills. Worth trying!

jslintJSLint is an online site that can do static analysis on your JavaScript code. You just have to Paste it on the site and Boom! You get the all the BS in the code. You can configure the level of analysis as well from the site. Why not try JSLint to improve the scripting as well.

blackbirdBlackbird can help you debug the JavaScript you have written with fun. It is difficult to debug the JavaScript code, watch the variable values etc. and one option is to use alert() snippets or break the script and debug if the IDE supports script debugging. But you may agree that it still sucks. You have to make sure you remove all the alert() snippets, break snippets in your script before you commit as a good citizen. Why not try Blackbird instead?

JSLint, The JavaScript code quality tool

Blackbird, Open source JavaScript logging utility


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