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Why not google apps?

Everybody talks about financial crisis these days while very few been performing well. I was wondering how that is possible instead of blaming marketers, sales, managers, engineers and so on. So what I wanted to find out was something that can reduce the overheads, costs, or that can increase the productivity, profit without going for layoffs.

Even if its a small-scale non-profit organization, still we need to have an office suite, email client environment, contacts and calendar sharing etc with colleagues, and sometimes even with important clients, just to keep the ball going.

For all this, the only thing that comes into our mind is Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. And the best part is we look for something cheap options as well. I'm not an “anti-microsoft” guy, but if I say that Microsoft doesn't come in “Cheap”, you all would agree with me.

Why not Google Apps as an alternative? Almost everybody who uses Yahoo, Hotmail have a Gmail account as well. Even when IE has a small textbox as the search box, still people compelled to type in the address bar to search things. So you can see how much you are addicted to Google products.

Try Google Apps, Its simple, its easy, and its surprising!

You can find more information about Google Apps in Business Page. Going forward, you can use all this with your Microsoft Outlook.

Some big big companies think about Microsoft and Google Apps. May be this will encourage you switching to either Microsoft or Google Apps or perhaps both ;)

CIOs speak up

Avago Technologies switched to Google Apps


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