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Windows Workflow Foundation, WF, and WCF

ee210343.image004(en-us)Thot followings might be good resources for .NET 3.5 Workflow, and Workflow as a Service.

MSDN, David Chappell, Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation, Chappell and Associates, K. Scott Allen: Answers to WF Interview Questions

Guy Burstein, Execute Windows Workflow Rules without Workflow

Guy Burstein, Build workflow rules using Code Dom and Rules API

MSDN, Learning Workflow Foundation

MSDN, Selecting Workflow Type

MSDN, How to Choose Your Workflow Model in WF

MSDN, Windows Workflow Foundation: Creating a Custom Composite Activity

MSDN, WF Scenarios Guidance: SharePoint and Workflow

MSDN, WF Scenarios Guidance: Presentation Flow

MSDN, WF Scenarios Guidance: Human Workflow

MSDN, WF Scenarios Guidance: Workflow Services


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